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One of them is the worms you mentioned.

An apple tree will produce many more flower blossoms than it can possible grow into mature apples, knowing that not all the blossoms will get pollinated.

Jun 19, Pests on both the apples and leaves of your apple tree can cause the apple to fall off the tree pre-maturely. A high number of leaf eating insects can affect the photosynthesis of the leaves, which reduces the carbohydrates it can produce, which it needs in order to produce apples. Damage by insects will cause premature dropping of apples. Apple maggots – the larval stage of a small fly – tunnel through apples while feeding.

The damaged apples often fall from the tree prematurely. The plum curculio is another insect that feeds by burrowing through apples. Jun 18, Speaking of pollinators, another reason an apple tree might shed fruit is if there is inadequate pollination during bloom time.

Keep pollinators within 50 feet (15 m.) of the tree, encourage beneficial insects and bees by companion planting other flowering plants nearby, and avoid using pest control sprays when the tree is in bushfelling.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins. Nov 11, Apples infested with codling moths will have rotten areas within the developing fruit and will often drop from the tree. The gravel under the tree may be a contributing factor by providing a place for the larvae to pupate and develop into moths which will lay eggs in the next year's crop.

Apr 06, The stalks will fall if the apple blossom is not pollinated. If you had a lot of blossom it is likely not all of it will set fruit. Even then, once the fruit has started to form, there is usually another shedding of young fruit, called the June drop, because the trees are a bit over ambitious in their fruit formation.

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