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But now I think I'll better keep it in a.

Apr 15, -- George ANSWER: You may want to hire a landscape maintenance company to remove the banana trees for you. The two basic techniques are herbicides or digging out, and you have given Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Jun 20, Use a sharp blade or knife to prune the stem. Cut the stalk with a clean and sharp knife about ½ to 1 inch from the trunk.

Regular pruning will allow your banana plant to remain looking lush. Make sure you have waited until you have harvested any fruit and until your plant has flowered before you prune the stem%(75).

Banana tree removal. I have finally dug up the last of the group of banana trees in my backyard. It was producing little or no fruit and was brown and diseased for the most part.

It takes a lot of effort and hard work, but it is doable.

Because it was occupying and shading valuable space in my small garden area it needed to be removed. I am at the point where I have a bunch of dirt and 3 large holes. Easiest, cheapest, most satisfying way to get rid of banana trees (seconding texanjana): put an ad on Craigslist. DO NOT pay anyone (including Monsanto) to make a banana tree go away. May 17, Dave, be sure to pay close attention to my warnings:) Banana roots are very fibrous, thick and sinewy.

They stretch a good feet from the plants. The extensive root system is one reason the banana trees are able to sustain themselves so well during the summers even when the weather is dry. I tried to show the fat thick roots in the above.

Mar 26, To tackle a smaller banana plant yourself, first cut the plant down to about 1 to 2 feet. Dig a large trench around the plant as deep as possible, using both a pickax and a shovel, encircling the entire clump of rhizomes. Begin to dig out the stems and rhizomes.

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