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To prune lilacs, get to work in the spring: cut fresh.

No absolute"right" or"wrong" in pruning. The choice is always yours. Shear a shrub, do more selective pruning or simply let it grow -- all of these are"right" if the effort is tolerable and the result is pleasing to you. Below, left: The dwarf lilac, overgrown. Center: That lilac in the first stage of being cut back and kept small. Right: The size it will remain now that it will be cut just once annually per these bushfelling.clubg: Humble TX.

Dec 10, How to Prune Dwarf Lilac Bushes. Dwarf lilacs -- various Syringa species and cultivars -- are prized for their clusters of fragrant blooms and a compact growth habit. Dwarf lilacs generally Missing: Humble TX. Apr 02, Most lilacs don’t require pruning until they reach about 6 to 8 feet ( m.) tall. The best time for pruning lilac bushes is right after their flowering has ceased. This allows new shoots plenty of time to develop the next season of blooms.

Pruning lilacs too late can kill young developing buds. If you are pruning lilac trees or shrubs entirely to within inches of the ground, it is best to do so in early bushfelling.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Jun 10, To prune your lilacs, start deadheading in early-to-late spring by cutting the flowers at their base just after they’ve reached their peak.

I thinned our vitex out several winters ago.

You should also cut any flowers that are already dying so they don’t sap energy that could be used for new K.

Prune themout as low as you can get, or as near the main stems as possible. Some lilacs produce many new shoots from the base (watershoots or suckers).

Remove all but a few of these each year, leaving ones to make new brancheswhere you want, and that don’t rub on bushfelling.clubg: Humble TX. Jul 08, Most flowering shrubs need regular pruning to keep them vibrant, and the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is no exception.

Lilac bushes will typically flower without any effort from you. However, if left to grow and spread on their own, common lilacs will eventually only flower on the tops of the uppermost bushfelling.clubg: Humble TX. Sep 21, Cut branches back selectively to shape the dwarf lilac bush as desired, removing no more than one-third of any stem and making a clean cut just above a bud facing in the desired direction.

Cut one or two of the lilac's oldest stems back to the base of the plant if the shrub is several years old and becoming bare or scraggly looking at the bushfelling.clubg: Humble TX. Dec 13, Pruning Vitex. Vitex is also called chaste tree (no idea why) and Texas lilac (although it’s not fragrant and is unrelated to true lilacs). When I was a kid in College Station, vitex shrubs filled corners of backyards. City lots were much bigger then, and it wasn’t uncommon for the plants to grow 15 or 18 feet tall and 20 feet wide.

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