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Once your raspberry plants have put on enough growth (which may not be until after their first year with you), aim to prune in the early spring, just as new growth young canes back until they are around 4 to 5 feet tall. Aug 29, Regarding bare root raspberry plants, cut them back to about 6 inches above the ground at planting time.

Container-grown plants do not usually require this type of pruning at planting time. Summer-Bearing Red Or Yellow Raspberries After the last harvest, cut all canes that have produced fruit to ground level and remove them. May 26, Do not cut the young green canes, or you risk reducing your berry production.

Cut back the dead canes at ground level, along with any other canes that are broken or showing signs of pest damage or disease. If you're growing raspberry bushes in rows, remove any canes that spread outside of the established bushfelling.clubted Reading Time: 9 mins. Don't cut back more than 25% of each cane, to avoid reducing yield. Fall-bearing raspberries. If only a fall crop is desired, cut all canes off at the base before growth begins in spring.

Fruit will be produced on primocanes in late summer or fall. To get both fall and summer crops, thin the canes as described for summer-bearing raspberries. The primocanes that produced the fall crop should not be removed, as they will.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE After planting, cut back Raspberry canes to about 1 foot tall. Burn these prunings or dispose of them in the trash to prevent diseases. Mulch well to a depth of 2 to 3 inches to conserve moisture and reduce weed competition. Mar 25, Raspberries of both summer and fall bearing varieties should be pruned in the winter.

This is because the berry canes are fully dormant during this time, so any pruning will stimulate growth, rather than damaging the current growth pattern. Raspberries can be pruned any time between November and K.

Fill the soil back in, and tamp it down with your foot. Once the canes are planted, cut them down to 9 inches tall to encourage new growth.

(Yes, it will look like a broken branch sticking out of the ground!) Depending on the variety you plant, you may need to fashion a support to. Jul 20, Red raspberry canes need to be cut back to 8 to 12 inches, blackberries need to be cut to 6 inches and black raspberries need to be cut to ground level.

advises the University of Georgia.

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